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Master in Air Navigation Services Management

Teaching period: 1st  September to 31st July

Credits: 60 ECTS

Attendance conditions: On-campus and On-Line

Languages: Spanish / English

Collaborating entities: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, ENAIRE


Required qualification

University Degree (Bachelor's Degree, Engineer, Architect, Technical Engineer, Technical Architect, Diploma).


This master's degree is conducted jointly by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, with the support of ENAIRE and the recognition of ICAO.

The qualification of air navigation professionals is harmonised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for the case of air traffic controllers and aeronautical communication officers. In other technical disciplines, such as ANS systems maintenance personnel (ATSEP), States may require specific training programmes to achieve the competencies required for those positions and then, licences or accreditations are issued.

Universities provide training that enables basic technical and operational skills and specialisation in the field of air navigation. However, outside this technical-operational, there were, until now, no specialised educational programmes in air navigation for professionals.

ICAO defines Air Navigation Services as those services provided to air traffic during all phases of the operation and which include air traffic management, communication, navigation and surveillance, meteorological services, search and rescue and aeronautical information services.

This Master, conducted by UPM in collaboration with  UAM and the support of ENAIRE, is aimed at experienced professionals involved in the management of air navigation services, and provides the means to streamline and improve the acquisition of generic competencies in ANS, saving time and facilitates the building of cross-cutting knowledge of ANSPs and their processes.


The Master is divided into three modules

1. Module I: Fundamentals and Planning of ANS Management

The first module of the Master is made up of a series of general subject matters aimed at establishing a common understanding of ANS, users and customers and the main processes associated with planning and management. The module is completed by a training unit aimed at the development of management skills. The first module is developed through the following units that make up 18 ECTS:

•    Fundamentals of Air Transport
•    Introduction to ANS
•    Legal and Institutional Framework
•    Plans and Programmes
•    ANS Planning 
•    ANS Management Systems
•    Management Skills.

2.-Module II: Advanced Corporate Services Management

The specialisation in corporate services consists of the following five (5) teaching units (12 ECTS):

•    Organisational Management
•    Transport Economics
•    ANS Economic Management
•    ANS Principles of Accounting, Investments and Financing
•    HR Planning and Management.

3. Module III: Advanced Technical-Operational Services Management

The module of specialisation in technical-operational services consists of the following seven (7) didactic units (12 ECTS).

•    Operations and Airspace Management
•    ANS Systems Technical Management
•    Aeronautical Information Management
•    Safety
•    Human Factors
•    Security
•    Environment

4. In-company Internships

Once the advanced modules have been completed, the student will carry out professional internships in ENAIRE´s Departments related to the content of the modules. The student's work will be academically tutored by a Master's professor in addition to a professional tutor from ENAIRE. Internships require prior approval by the tutor. In the event that the student has previous professional experience, which can be adapted to the objectives of the Master, he/she will obtain recognition for the internship period by drafting a professional report related to his/her professional activity

5. Module IV: Master's Final Thesis

The Master's Final Thesis is the last module of the programme and accounts for 6 ECTS. It will consist of the development of a case related to the provision of air navigation services. The thesis will be presented and defended before an examining board made up of three professors from the university.