ETSIAESchoolMission, View and Values

Mission, View and Values

MISSION: Who we are and what do we do

The mission of the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering of UPM is:

  • To offer an education of excellence to prepare engineers with a strong knowledge in science and technology, focusing on one or several areas of aeronautical and space engineering.
  • To prepare highly qualified professionals, with extensive capabilities to create, integrate and apply the scientific and technological knowledge to resolve the specific problems to the aerospace field.
  • To carry out research, development and innovation of reference, which provides a framework for the results dissemination, opportunities and possibilities of action.

VIEW: What we want to be, where we are going

The vision of the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering is to be:

  • A centre contributing to the development of industries, companies, public administrations, and in general the services required by the society.
  • A centre promoting and implementing extensive programmes of research, development and innovation, in line with the most advanced level of technologies and the scientific knowledge.
  • A centre recognised both nationally and internationally for the high level of its results in teaching and research activities, and for the high qualification and preparation of its graduates, teachers and researchers.
  • A centre aware of the importance of continuous improvement in the development of its activities.
  • A centre enhancing the best development of the specific skills of each person part of it with a special care of its students.
  • A centre able to lead the innovation and management of new projects with entrepreneurship.
  • A centre boosting the comprehensive education of the graduates through activities providing the knowledge of the contemporary social aspects, the performance of activities of teamwork and communication.
  • A centre with an international exposure, leading the mobility of its students with the best national and foreign centres, enhancing the mobility of its teaching staff.
  • A centre encouraging the liaison and participation of its students and teachers with industries, companies and research centres, in such a way to achieve as much integration as possible with the real world of industry and society.
  • A centre respectful of its heritage and its own historical values.
  • A centre concerned about the economic development of the society and environmental sustainability.

VALUES: Distinguishing marks, how we do it

The School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering identifies as its own values the following, which are considered as crucial in such a way that they make the cornerstone of every activity undertaken:

  • Intelligence and competence. The ability to understand and the capacity for exercising a profession.
  • Attitudes. Effort, improvement, critical character, restlessness, communication, generosity, respect, justice, honesty and integrity. That is, a culture of talent that manages talent for the sake of excellence.
  • Talent and excellence. Talent is one of the pillars supporting the excellence of this School.
  • Ingenuity, creativity and leadership. The capacity to be a driving force for social and economic development and lead the change.
  • Adaptability. Adaptation to the technological and social changes to face successfully current and future challenges.
  • Vocation to serve the society.
  • Accountability.