ETSIAESchoolWhy choosing us?

For our students

The Undergraduate's Degree in Aerospace Engineering is the most in-demand degree within the degree's programmes offered by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Each year more than one thousand students choose this degree as first option when they have to decide the studies they are interested in. Our students are passionate about air and space, with a great vocation.

We are a centre where talent is concentrated. You will be sharing the university experience with the brightest students. The Undergraduate's Degree in Aerospace Engineering had an intake of 576 students 2017/2018 academic year, with 11,709 as a minimum passing mark.

We educate fostering the culture of effort, to ensure you the best opportunities of future success. Rigour and excellence will enable your personal self-improvement and you will be prepared for the global and competitive profession environment.

You will live in a fully academic atmosphere, with colleagues not only from Spanish territory, but also with students of Exchange Programmes from universities on the five continents. The university stage is a unique experience. In addition to your studies, you will be able to carry out cultural, sports, leisure and cooperation and solidarity activities through several student's unions.