ETSIAESchoolWhy choosing us?

For our Faculty

The faculty consists of more than 250 professors, lecturers and others experts in different areas of the broad spectrum of aerospace field. Nearly 70% of the faculty consist of PhDs who are Aeronautical Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers and Technical Aeronautical Engineers, thus, they are closely connected with the aeronautical world and they will convey the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the practice of the profession.

Furthermore, the School contract lecturers, specialists of acknowledged expertise who work in cutting-edge companies and institutions within the sector (Airbus, GMV, Indra, ESA, EA...).

They are teaching staff committed with the quality of teaching and with the proper training the student receives. Involved in higher education, they implement new teaching and assessment methods to make their learning more effective.

Research is also an essential component of the teaching staff's activity. Our academic staff explores the boundaries of science and technology through national and international research projects, which become partnership and learning opportunities for students.