ETSIAESchoolWhy choosing us?

For our Resources and Services

The Ciudad Universitaria facilities in Madrid has about 36,500m², within the recognized Campus of International Excellence of Moncloa with more than 30 student accommodation halls in its vicinity. A sustainable campus, healthy and socially engaged, with an unbeatable communication system, regarding both public transport (buses, underground) and private vehicles (M30, A6).

We also have 42 lecture rooms, three of which are computer rooms. For Lab sessions and practical classes, beginning the first year, more than 40 laboratories are available. Besides, it is worth stressing that a large library with more than 75,000 volumes at your disposal.

We help you to face the transition from high school to university, because we have a comprehensive welcome programme starting when you formalise your enrolment and it goes on until postgraduate's programmes and labour integration, with guidance, welcome and support activities.

Additionally, we have human and material resources to support care, integration and education of students with special needs and to facilitate their access to all our services. Everyone can study at our School.