ETSIAESchoolWhy choosing us?

For your Future

At our School, only you can set limits to your academic education. Once you obtain your degree, you can choose to joint the labour market or broaden your education. Next step is the master's degree and then you may access a doctoral programme.

ETSIAE provides its students with a rigorous instruction to be sufficiently prepared to take on professional exerccice. Versatility, leadership and teamwork are requisites for the current labour market and they are our students quality labelling.

In line with this concern for your future career, you have at your disposal the External Internship Office, which seeks, offers, allocates and manages internships in host companies and partner institutions so that you can undertake a work experience during your studies. Moreover, we also organise AeroEmpleo, an annually career fair which is a meeting point for students and different employers whitin the aerospace and related sectors.

The aerospace field is considered a strategic sector, as it is key factor to national security and defence generating wealth and high added value, for RDI activity and also because its capacity generating highly qualified employment. As reflected in the first "Survey on the Labour Insertion of University Graduates" [Encuesta de Inserción Laboral de Titulados Universitarios], published in December 2015 by the National Statistics Institute (INE as per its acronyms in Spanish), Aeronautical Engineer has one of the higher employment rate, ranked fourth. Furthermore, according to data from TEDAE, Spanish Association of Technological Defense, Aeronautical and Space Companies, in 2014, 40% of the employees in this sector are engineers and graduates. Hence the importance of undertaking undergraduate’s + master's degrees to enhance your employability and join a sector generating stable and quality employment.