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Master's Degree in Numerical Simulation in Engineering with ANSYS

Teaching period: October-January / February-June

Credits: 70 ECTS

Attendance conditions: Online

Languages: Spanish

Collaborating entities: ANSYS


Required qualification

University Degree (Spanish University Degrees: Bachelor, 4-5 years; Engineer, 5-6 years; Architect, 5 years; Technical Engineer, 3 years; Technical Architect, 3 years; Diplomado, graduate under a three-year course programme).

Programme objectives

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid , in collaboration with ANSYS Iberia, offers this online Master Degree with the goal of training experts in the field of Numerical Simulation of Solid Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics using ANSYS simulation software with a practical and applied approach to multiple sectors of the industry (energy, automotive, aeronautics, construction, civil works, shipbuilding, railway, industrial equipment, etc.). The content of this Master is modular and includes, among other subjects, non-linearities, implicit and explicit dynamics, contact, aerodynamics, turbulence, combustion, meshing, optimisation, multiphysics coupling, etc.

Course Outline

The Master in Numerical Simulation in Engineering with ANSYS is modular and it is organised in three levels (Basic, Advanced and Final Master Project) and two areas of knowledge (Solid Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics):

Master Structure and Contents:

  • Basic Modules:

    • Fundamentals and Application of Finite Element Method in Mechanical Analysis (S, 20 ECTS credits).
    • Fundamentals and Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (F, 20).

  • Advanced Modules:

    • Dynamic Analysis (S, 20).
    • Thermal Analysis (S, 20).
    • Contact Non-Linearities (S, 10)
    • Advanced Non-Linearities (S, 10).
    • Fracture and Fatigue (S, 10).
    • Turbulence (F, 10).
    • Multiphase (F, 20).
    • Heat Transfer (F, 10).
    • Combustion and Reactions (F, 10).
    • Turbomachinery (F, 10).
    • Fluid-Structure Interaction (F/S, 10).
    • Optimisation (F/S, 10).

Final Master Project (F/S, 20).

(F: Field of Fluid Mechanics; S: Field of Solid Mechanics). 


  • Students interested in Solid Mechanics should take:

    • One Basic Module of Solids.
    • One or several Advanced Solids Modules.
    • Final Master Project.

  • Students who want to specialise in Fluid Mechanics should take:

    • One Basic Module of Fluids.
    • One or several Advanced Fluid Modules.
    • Final Master Project.

  • Students who want to specialise in the Fluid-Structures interaction should take:

    • Both Basic Modules.
    • The Advanced Fluid-Structure Interaction Module.
    • Final Master Project.

Qualifications to be obtained:

Students have access to the following qualifications by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid:

  • Qualification of Expert (20 ECTS): Undertaking one Basic Module.
  • Qualification of Specialist (minimum of 30 ECTS): Undertaking one Basic Module and one Advanced Module.
  • Master's Degree (minimum of 70 ECTS): Completing one Basic Module, at least 30 credits in Advanced Modules and the Master's Thesis Project.

The duration of each module is one semester; however one of the two basic modules must be carried out during the first semester. The advanced modules to be completed in order to take the number of credits required by the Master's Degree may be taken in one or several semesters from the second one. Thus, the Master Degree could be completed in a minimum of one year and a half, provided that 20 credits of the Basic Module are completed during the first semester, 30 credits of Advanced Modules during the second semester and 20 credits of the Final Master Project is taken during the third trimester. 


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