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Mentoring and Tutoring Programmes

What do they are?

The Mentoring and Tutoring programmes are services provided by the ETSIAE mainly intended to the first year students to help them adapt to the new university environment and to facilitate them joining the centre. In the first instance, this accompaniment work is carried out by the Mentors, while in the second case, it is undertaken by Tutors. In both instances, there are professionals responsible for their theoretical training for both Mentors and Tutors.

Mentors are students in their last years who welcome a small group of new students, facilitating academic, administrative and social guidance. Mentors are volunteer students prepared for their function and they are coordinated by School lecturers.

Tutors are teachers who, also voluntarily, decide to collaborate in this task of guidance and accompaniment.

Although the programme has a special acceptance among new students, any student can request a Tutor at any time during their studies. To this end, they should contact the Deputy Director of Students Affairs.

Who is part of the Mentoring Programme and the Tutoring Programme?

  • Mentoring Programme

    • Coordinator: Deputy Director of Students Affairs.
    • Tutors: University Teachers whose main functions are to guide, give advice and assess the role of mentors. The maximum estimated number is 5 mentors per teacher.
    • Mentors: Students in their last years or master's students who develop their mentoring work with groups of up to 10 students.
    • Students with a Mentor: All new first-year students who accept to have a Mentor.

  • Tutoring Programme

    • Coordinator: Deputy Director of Students Affairs.
    • Students Tutors: Teachers whose main function is to guide and advise new students mainly on academic and administrative issues.  The maximum estimated number is 5 students per tutor.
    • Students with Tutor: All new incoming students for their first year who request a Teacher Tutor.

When do they begin?

The programme stars in September, the first day of the academic year in which new students are received. You can find all the information in the Welcome Day Programme. The dates and the procedure will also be sent through the UPM email.

How do they develop?

The Mentoring Programme is developed during the first semester. Topics of interests for new students will be addressed through meetings or other means (the library functioning, administrative procedures, curricular internships, etc.) and questions or concerns may be raised.

The Tutoring Programme consists of three or more meetings throughout the student's first semester with their Tutor to address the student’s topics of interest. The student-tutor link is maintained throughout the entire university course.

How is the registration made?

Participation in such a scheme is recommended, thus all new students are assigned a Mentor. Nevertheless it is a voluntary activity. Before 17 September you should fill out the FORM for UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT. This is a survey in which you are asked if you accept having a Mentor, whether you prefer Tutor or none of them. The form is available in the Moodle space of the Welcome Day Programme

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only take part in ONE of the two programmes: the Mentoring Programme or the Tutoring Programme.

Report of the Mentoring and Tutoring Programmes