ETSIAE is full partner of PEGASUS Council since its foundation in 1998.  The general objective of PEGASUS (Partnership of a European Group of Aeronautics and Space UniversitieS)  is to optimize the services we offer in the best interests of Europe both in terms of continuing to attract the best students and also to offer highly relevant educational and research programmes in Aerospace research fields.  PEGASUS works closely together in a manner that better satisfies the needs of our students and their employers across Europe. PEGASUS has also close links and interaction with aerospace Industry and relevant Government agencies and the main objective of the PEGASUS-industry alliance is to contribute to reinforcement of the European academic and industrial relations for mutual benefits.

Admission to PEGASUS is based on a set of criteria, focusing on two fundamental keywords: quality and international co-operation, all related to the higher education offered in aeronautical / aerospace engineering at European level.

14th PEGASUS Student Conference  (18-20 abril 2018) 

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