ETSIAEStudiesOfficial MASTER’S StudiesMaster's Degree in Air Transport Systems (Máster Universitario en Sistemas del Transporte Aéreo, MUSTA)Graduate's Profile

Graduate's Profile

GENERAL EDUCATION: Graduates of the Master's Degree in Air Transport Systems (MUSTA) will be prepared to develop professional and research activity within the areas of airline management, design and operation of air transport infrastructure, systems analysis and architecture, and the operation and development of the air traffic management. They will acquire general competences that include the understanding of basic knowledge for its application in a research context; problem solving within new environments, ability to communicate conclusions to specialised and non-specialised audiences, integration of knowledge for making judgments and reflections with social and ethical responsibilities and taking into account environmental protection in the course of their duties. 


SPECIFIC EDUCATION: Among the competences acquired by the graduates, it may be highlighted those specific for each speciality according to the syllabus, which refer to: aviation safety, airports and air transport, air traffic management and aerospace systems for information processing. Furthermore, there is the competence acquired while the students conduct, deliver and defend their Final Master's Project.


CROSS-CURRICULAR COMPETENCES: These competences are becoming increasingly important in the professional exercise, and for that reason, the UPM makes emphasis on them and includes the acquisition of these competences during the Master's training. Graduates will have the ability to understand English content, lead cross-functional work teams, effectively work both individually and as a member of a team, manage technical and scientific documents looking into the proper sources, in order to find creative solutions and work in different international environments.


ON-GOING EDUCATION: They will acquire learning skills allowing them to further study independently, so they may complete their academic education by accessing to doctoral programmes.